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The municipalities

Municipality of Saint-Barbe

The MRC is responsible for the production and implementation of a fire safety cover plan that complies with the requirements of the ministère de la Sécurité publique (Ministry of Public Safety) and the Fire Safety Act.

The object of the Fire Safety Cover Plan is the protection of persons and property against fires. The fire safety cover plan determines fire protection objectives for the Haut-Saint-Laurent and the actions required to achieve those objectives.

The fire safety cover plan includes an inventory, evaluation and classification of the fire risks present in the territory concerned and specify their location. The fire safety cover plan also includes an inventory and evaluation of existing or planned fire protection measures, the human, physical and financial resources allocated to fire safety by the local or regional authorities or by intermunicipal boards, and the infrastructures and water sources available for fire safety purposes.

In addition, the fire safety cover plan includes an analysis of the functional relations between those resources and an evaluation of the operational procedures in force. The fire safety cover plan determines, for each class of risk listed or each part of the territory defined, optimum fire protection objectives that can be achieved having regard to the measures and resources in place.

The fire safety cover plan also specifies the actions to be taken by the municipalities and the regional authority to achieve the determined objectives on incorporating their implementation plans.

The entire procedure is the responsibility of the Comité de sécurité incendie régional (Fire safety regional committee).

Documents to download related to risk management (available in French):

Fire Safety Cover Plan
Appendix 1 - Resolutions of the MRC du Haut-Saint-Laurent and participating municipalities Appendix 2 - Municipal Resolutions of Dundee and Saint-Chrysostome
Appendix 3 - Approximate Cost per Municipality
Appendix 4 - Maps