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Dundee Municipalite Mrc Haut Saint Laurent

  • A green oasis, the Township of Dundee is bordered on the south by the US border, on the north by the St. Lawrence River and on the west by the Akwesasne Mohawk Reserve.

    The municipality is characterized by the presence of numerous wetlands and marshes, which play an important ecological role for the flora and fauna of Lake Saint-François. A vast area of ecological interest was established in 1972 by the Canadian Wildlife Service to preserve and enhance the unique and fragile wetland ecosystem. The Lake Saint-François National Wildlife Area received official status in 1978 and was recognized in 1987 under the RAMSAR Convention as a “Wetland of International Importance”.

    The municipality has a small village centre commonly referred to as Sainte-Agnès-de-Dundee. Cottage communities are also located within the municipality, on the shores of Lake Saint-François: Pointe-Leblanc, Place Caza, Pointe-Gordon, Pointe-Fraser and Pointe-Hopkins. The Dundee Border Crossing is accessible via Route 132. The Salmon River winds its way through the municipality.

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  • 3296, Smallman Sideroad
    Dundee (Québec) J0S 1L0
    Phone: 450-264-4674
    Fax: 450-264-8044


    Mayor: Linda Gagnon
    Director General and clerk-treasurer: Marc Michot
    Councillors: Raymond Lazure, Marc Myre, Michel Dupuis, Justin Nieuwenhof, Marie Myre, Daibhid Fraser

  • Hotel De Ville Dundee

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    Dundier 69075

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  • The municipality of Dundee Township, established in 1845 (official constitution in 1855), is located a few kilometres southwest of Saint-Anicet. It derives its name, as its status reflects, from the township established in 1831. It is bordered to the south by the American border and to the north by Lake Saint-François, in the Montérégie region. This denomination, which was used to identify the local post office between 1830 and 1968, serves as a reminder that John Davidson, considered to have founded the municipality upon settling along the banks of the Salmon River where the village is today located, hailed from the eastern port city of the same name in Angus County. He also served as the village postmaster. The parish of Sainte-Agnès-de-Dundee came into being in 1863 as a result of its canonical establishment. This was followed in 1864 by official recognition at the secular level. (Source: Quebec Toponymy Commission)

  • Dundee Saint Francois A Lacroix

    • Dundee Community Park
    • Shores of Lake Saint-François
    • Lake Saint-François National Wildlife Area
      Located in the municipality of Dundee, the Lake Saint-François National Wildlife Area is a 1313-hectare protected area. It is characterized by its remarkable biodiversity, considered among the most important in Quebec, which includes more than 300 animal species and over 600 plant species, many of which are endangered. The reserve is also home to one of Canada's largest populations of Short-billed Troglodytes and annually hosts several pairs of Sandhill Cranes. The Friends of the Lake Saint-François National Wildlife Area are mandated by Environment and Climate Change Canada to maintain the site and to host and provide interpretive activities to visitors. From May to October, the Friends of the National Wildlife Area offer a variety of activities, including geocaching and guided tours by Rabaska, kayak and two-seater canoe. Four maintained trails, totalling 10 km, are intended for hiking and bird watching. Different thematic activities, workshops and conferences are also included as part of the program.
    • Zion United Church (Smallman Sideroad)
  • Dundee Rive Saint Francois A Lacroix

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