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The municipalities

Notice of consultation

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Who can view the content of a page with this consultation notice?

This content is reserved for natural persons covered by the exceptions provided for in the following sections of the Charter of the French Language. [Reference: c-11 — Charter of the French Language (] 

o Persons declared eligible to receive instruction in English - article 22.2, par. 1, and article 22.3, par. 1, par. 2(a)

o Aboriginals - section 22.3, par. 2(b) and section 95

o Immigrants for six months or less - article 22.3, par. 1, par. 2(c).  

o Persons who corresponded only in English with the Administration before May 13, 2021 - article 22.2, para. 2

o Individuals living outside Quebec - article 22.3, par. 2(d)