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Howick Municipalite Mrc Haut Saint Laurent

  • Howick is an urban centre whose territory is circumscribed by that of the municipality of Très-Saint-Sacrement. It is accessible by Routes 138 and 203. Several services are available within the territory, including both an Anglophone and Francophone elementary school, as well as several seniors housing units, a United Church (1927) and a Catholic Church (1909).

    The Town Hall, which was inaugurated on October 11, 1958, rents part of its premises to the post office. An interesting architectural feature of the municipality is the Model School, which was built in 1915, and now houses the community centre.

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  • 51 Colville Street
    Howick (Québec) J0S 1G0
    Phone: 450 825-2032
    Fax: 450 825-0026


    Mayor: Richard Raithby
    Director General and Clerk-Treasurer: Claudette Provost
    Councillors: Ronald Lavoie, Patrice Rose, Jean-Denis Billette, Danny McArthur, Louise Cholette, Ryan Bulmer

  • Howick Town Hall

In numbers

  • Demonym and geographic code

    Howickites, 69025

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  • The village of Howick was established on the west bank of the English River, a tributary of the Chateauguay River, near Ormstown in the Montérégie. The territory of this small municipality is circumscribed by the municipality of Très-Saint-Sacrement, which is also the name of the parish serving the location from 1885. At one point, the Howickites lived at George’s Mill, as a mill was built there around 1804 by George Ellice, one of the sons of the then Seigneur de Beauharnois, Alexander Ellice. By 1833, the English referred to the village as Howick Village, while Francophones identified the village as the Village de la Fourche, as the Chateauguay and English Rivers come to a junction in this location. On May 15, 2010, the status of the village municipality was changed to that of municipality.

    The name Howick is in memory of Henry George Gray, 3rd Earl Gray, Viscount Howick (Howick, England, 1802 - Howick England, 1894). He entered the British Parliament in 1826; where he was Secretary of State for War and Colonies of the English Parliament from 1846 to 1852.

  • Welcome in Howick

    • Model School and Community Centre
    • Curling Club
    • Bike path
    • Park and playgrounds (outdoor sport and recreation facilities)
  • Model School and Community Centre