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The municipalities


The Government of Quebec passed the Loi concernant la conservation des milieux humides et hydriques in 2017. Under this law, regional county municipalities (MRCs) are responsible for developing Regional wetlands and water bodies plans (PRMHH) for their region. The PRMHH will be a tool for planning the development of the territory and must be tabled by June 2022 by the 101 MRCs or MRC Cities in Quebec.

The mandatory components of the PRMHH are:

  • a map of protected wetlands and water bodies;
  • residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural development projections for the next 10 years;
  • if development projections encroach on mapped wetlands, identify locations to create new wetlands for compensation;
  • after its final adoption, the plan will become a regional regulation enforced by local municipalities.