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The municipalities

Saint-Anicet Municipality

Nine community projects to receive funding through MRC du Haut-Saint-Laurent and the Fonds de Développement des Territoires

The MRC du Haut-Saint-Laurent is pleased to announce a total of nine community-based organisations will receive funding this year for a diversity of projects through the Fonds de Développement des Territoires (FDT).

In all, over $119,365 will be distributed between the different organisations as part of the 2017 program aimed at financing development projects to improve the quality of life of communities in the region.  

This year, the FDT application process was restricted to community-based organisations, and all projects were required to correspond with specific issues outlined in the MRC’s Social Development Plan, including: educational and social success; health, well-being, healthy living habits, food security; development of the territory, local economy and tourism; sports, leisure and culture; and housing. 

"This year we decided to focus on community development in an effort to reinforce the Social Development Plan, which was adopted in 2016," said Anna Potapova, the Agent responsible for Agri-food Development for the MRC du Haut-Saint-Laurent. "The funding will be used to improve the activities offered by these organisations," added Ms. Potapova, in highlighting the diversity of projects received by the MRC. "A number of the projects demonstrated an element of originality and innovation," she continued, noting how all of the projects addressed in some way one of the five main issues outlined in the Social Development Plan. The projects to be funded this year include: Le monde à la portée des aînés, année 2 (Projet Communic-Action); Programme 1-2-3 (Une Affaire de Famille); PAJ vous chante la pomme! (Haut-Saint-Laurent CLD – trustee for Place aux jeunes Haut-Saint-Laurent); Development of a Repertory theatre at the LGL (Little Green Library); The Travelling Tent Event (The Rural Arts Project); For better access to housing in the Haut-Saint-Laurent (Association for the Defense of Social Rights in Huntingdon A.D.D.S.); Youth Services Cooperative (Carrefour-Jeunesse Emploi); Aider à s’entraider, année 3 (La Bouffe Additionelle); FA-Réussite (Huntingdon Maison des Jeunes). 

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