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The municipalities

Funds and Programs

Development of the MRC du Haut-Saint-Laurent

  • Funds and financing programs offered by the MRC and its partners.

  • Appel Projets Vitalisation Plan De Travail 1

Fonds régions et ruralité (FRR) (Regions and Rurality Fund) | Component 4 – Support for vitalisation and intermunicipal cooperation

CLOSED until new 2023 call for projects

Call for projects | *** until March 16, 2023, at 4 p.m. ***

The MRC du Haut-Saint-Laurent is launching its first call for projects as part of a revitalisation agreement with the Québec government.

The call for projects is intended for municipal organizations, private and social economy enterprises, cooperatives (excluding private businesses and cooperatives in the financial sector), non-profit organizations, organizations within the education sector, as well as legal entities wishing to start a business. The projects or initiatives must support the revitalisation of services or equipment with the objective of contributing favourably to the development of the region.

The projects must relate directly to the following priority sectors including community development, tourism development, and workforce development. The initiatives accepted within the framework of this call for projects must be short-term, with funding being provided in a one-time, non-recurring manner. In addition, the anticipated benefits of the proposed projects must impact one or more of the following municipalities: Dundee, Havelock, Hinchinbrooke, Huntingdon, and Saint-Anicet.

Project Submission

Eligible organizations may submit proposals for projects up to a maximum of $100,000 in financial assistance. Applications must be received by March 16, 2023, at 4:00 p.m. Proposed projects must meet certain criteria related to its development potential within the region while touching on at least one of the three priority sectors mentioned above.

Organizations interested in submitting a project are invited to contact Julie Dionne, the MRC du Haut-Saint-Laurent’s community development officer, via email at or by telephone at 450-264-5411, ext. 252.

The documents related to this call for projects (revitalisation framework with the application form) will be available shortly in the section TO CONSULT below.

Fonds régions et ruralité (FRR) (Regions and Rurality Fund) | Component 2 – Support for MRCs’ local and regional development jurisdiction

In continuity with the Territory Development Fund (FDT) (2015-2020), this component aims to support MRCs and organizations with MRC jurisdiction in their local and regional development mission.

For more information on the Regions and Rurality Fund, contact the regional office of the Ministère des Affaires municipales et de l'Habitation.

The MRC du Haut-Saint-Laurent is at the centre of the new municipal governance model known as regional proximity governance, which allows for RCMs to take measures to promote the development of the communities within its territory. To this end, the mayors have established a number of intervention priorities. In order to implement the FRR, the MRC du Haut-Saint-Laurent adopted a business support policy.

The Policy, the Annual Activity Reports and other FDT-related documents are available below.