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The municipalities


Saint-Anicet Municipality

Warning! Extreme heat! Be Cautious!

The Regional Directorate of Civil Security and Fire Safety of Montérégie and Estrie is in mobilization mode.


Drink lots of different liquids (eg water, juice diluted with water, sports drink) without waiting to be thirsty or according to the amounts indicated by the doctor.


Spend a few hours in a cool place, ideally with air conditioning.


Reduce outdoor physical activity and effort, especially between 10 am and 3 pm.

Some groups of people are more vulnerable to the effects of heat. These are primarily seniors, people with chronic illness, people with mental health issues, people who work outdoors and young children. In addition to these groups, there are factors that can increase the difficulty of dealing with the heat, such as living alone, having few financial resources, or living in an island of heat (built environment where there is little vegetation, large areas paved or with concrete).


  • Seniors at home (or private residence);
  • Children in day camps or sports associations;
  • Anyone living in or near an island of heat;
  • Municipal employees working outside (camps, parks, roads, etc.);
  • People gathered in events or festivals.

See the decision support document below if you are part of one of the above groups to avoid heat stroke or to act quickly if your health is at risk.

Aide A La Decision Chaleur Accablante