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The municipalities

Other Mandates

Mandats Mrc Haut Saint Laurent

  • Municipalite Elgin Anick Lacroix

Property Assessment

All assessment procedures are entrusted to the firm Évimbec.

The evaluation of the property properties of the MRC du Haut-Saint-Laurent is based on three items:

  • Maintaining inventory: all properties must be visited within 9 years;
  • Continuous update: correct the information to match the current situation (in the case of renovations, demolition, change of address or owner, etc.);
  • An equilibration: every three years (optional) or every six years (mandatory), the property values are readjusted according to the prevailing market price of the moment.

The supervision of this service is done by the

administrative committee.

Watercourse Management

Please contact your local municipality for any request for intervention in a watercourse.

The MRC du Haut-Saint-Laurent is responsible for the management of all waterways in its territory. It evaluates and carries out all maintenance work "cleaning" and development of watercourses.

An agreement has been reached between the MRC and the local municipalities to take care of the removal of all obstructions (branches, debris, beaver dams) preventing the proper flow of water.

The Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks must approve the various works carried out by the MRC in compliance with the Law on the Protection of the Quality of the Environment.

The watercourse management department reports to the Watercourse Committee.

Risk management


Waste management

Public Safety

Bike Path